My first winter in England

my first winter in england

My first winter in Manchester couldn’t be better! Before coming to live here in Manchester, I learned that it was super rare to snow here, compared to the rest of the country, since the city is located exactly where it has a relief depression and is surrounded by mountains. I put this map on for you to understand.

So the snow does not arrive with intensity here. It is a very rainy city where it usually rains 140 days a year and the average temperature is 13º, my first summer here the highest was 31º. Many mancunian (who is born here) must have literally died of heat!

This winter was special for two reasons, first because it snowed so much and the second was that I did not freeze! Cold and snow is all good, it’s like the snow is a plus of the cold, the cherry on the cake. lol!

Interesting that here snows and an hour later you do not see anything else, so if you come to Manchester in winter and start to snow, enjoy every second, because we do not know when it will snow again, because in 2017 it snowed 2 times for about 10 minutes but there was no time to leave the city white, according to Rafael (aka husband), who has lived here since March 2016 and now I live here more than 13 times! You’re freezing your foot, aren’t you?

But going back to the cold part, I was born in south Brazil, which is very cold during winter. I remember my mother needed to warm up the water so I could wash my face when I woke up. I slept in the school uniform so I wouldn’t have to change in the morning because it was impossible to get change. We didn’t have a heater or a fireplace at home.

When I left home to go to school the plants and the grass were frozen.  That doesn’t happen nowadays the way it used to be.  And if you think it’s easy to me to live in Manchester because I came from the south of Brazil, you’re wrong! Just because I lived 7 years in Rio de Janeiro before coming to live in Manchester, that is, absurd heat. We are talking about 50º feels like during summers.

What is cool was that I moved to England in May, in the summer, which has an average of 18º degrees, so I gradually cooled down… hahahha After 9 months living here I can already say that I’m adapted to the cold.

What I find funnier here is the temperature

I don’t leave my house without check the forecast before and the comical part comes now: If it’s 1º degree or less I’d say it’s cold!!! If it’s 8º or more, I’d say it’s hot. In just one week I’m going to visit my family and friends in Brazil. I’m going to die of heat, right?

Another thing that I find very crazy here… Snowing is not synonymous of colder temperature. The snow came face to face here in early December 2017, with a temperature of -4 and for me it was ok, I didn’t get that cold. Already in the middle of winter I picked up temperature of 2º and 4º degrees that I died of cold. It was much colder than in December with -4º.

What about the snow? I’ve already registered it on my Instagram every day that snowed here. All snow moments are also in my stories, click here to see.

On the last day that snowed I woke up very early, saw everything white outside and made a time-lapse, when the day cleared, it was sunny and I took the opportunity to go out on the street and enjoy that the snow had not yet disappeared. Check out the photos below.

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