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When I found out what Guy Fawkes Night was about, I was a little perplexed i was reading. The story that occurred was that on 5 November 1605 there was an attempt to blow up the House of Lords, the British parliament, where the then King at the time, King James I was present. There was a conspiracy to end the King's life, called the Gunpowder Conspiracy or Gunpowder Plot and was formed by a group of English Catholics and, one of the members named Guido Fawkes, was found full of explosives right under the house of Lords and then this plan to blow up the house of lords during the opening of parliament, went down the drain.

The reason for all this was that the King would put the 9-year-old daughter with catholic head of state and the group I mentioned above was not very happy about it.

After Guido, or Guy, was found with the explosives in his hands, they were killed as cruelly as possible. So it was done with everyone who tried against the life of royalty.

It was a same barbaric thing: The genitals were cut and burned before the guilty's eyes, and their intestines and hearts removed. And then they were beheaded and the dismembered parts of their bodies displayed so that they would become "prey of the birds of the air". between one and the other they were pulled by horses to where they would bebeheaded. Take it, don't you? That was a very clear message.

The first celebrations have a history from 5 November 1607 and in London from 1608. The Bonfire Night celebration concerns the king's attack on life, then fireworks. Gunpowder Betrayal Day, or Guy Fawkes Night celebrates burning the fire, which often had a doll representing Guido Fawkes in it. In what I went to see, I didn't have. And to be very honest, I just learned about it all because I went to research. nobody talks or comments on the true story, I think it's getting lost in history. Especially with a pearl I heard from a British woman at the beginning of the event.




Bonfire Night, New Fire Source: Punch magazine, November 1850 bonfire night united kingdom gabi schiller1

As was our first round of this event (the greatest of them happens at Heaton Park) Rafael and I left with 3 hours of antecendence to find a good place because we didn't know what it was going to be like. It was a cold dog and when we arrived there was almost no one! So we got a place right on the grid and in the video below you can see that, nothing and no one in front of us. As it was coming close to the fires, people were appearing for everything that is side, suddenly comes a woman with 3 children and asks us to make room for their children, which obviously, I was reluctant, sometimes balls, I arrived before and was going cold to be the I read in that space. But I gave room to one of the kids, who kept hitting my head on me. Wonderful!!!! So before the fires started, the woman started complaining again that the other children were not going to be able to see the fires and that we should make room for the children because it was an event for CHILDREN! Huh???? I called the security guards and they were threatening to put us out because they were just listening to the woman's version about the kids. A couple who were by my side, who arrived after us, called the other security guards and explained that the woman arrived at the last minute and was causing it. So the security guard who was about to put us out apologized and asked us to call him if something happened again. The fireworks hadn't even started and I already wanted to leave, but there was a crowd behind me. I believe at least more than 10,000 people were in this park. After the stress caused by the woman without education, we almost freeze but we managed to record the 15 minutes of fireworks. I'm going to say it seemed like the new year in Brazil. Then we went home laughing at what had happened and played some lock matches.


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