Swansea and first time camping

Swansea and first time camping


Road Trip




My first car trip here in UK and we decided to go to Wales to explore the south and then take the coast to the north, where we would stop in a very picturesque and small town to spend the last 2 days of the trip. (I will speak of this part in a next post). It was a more family trip, with my hub, my brother-in-law and his son.

Wales is a small country, it is possible to cross by car from one side to the other side on the same day. It's there that has the most beautiful beaches of UK, in my opinion.  We chose Swansea for two reasons, the first was because in our research we saw that the county of Pembrokeshire was the part that had the most beautiful beaches in the southwest, and the second was because we found a camping five stars there. But that I only came to realize after I arrived. Laughter.

We wanted to have visited more beaches, but did not have time to do everything and the beaches weren't so close to each other, the road in the cities of Wales are small and sometimes only passes a single car, so we can not drive fast.... So we already have a reason to go back again, because by car takes around 5 hours traveling between Manchester and South Wales. Anyway, this time, the beach we were camping was the most beautiful of all in Swansea, I couldn't stop gazing at that sea and those rocks (three cliffs).

Three Cliff Bay


Swansea is the second largest city in Wales. Located south of the territory, in Swansea Bay, the city has 239,000 inhabitants. Swansea was an important industrial and port Center during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.



campsite three cliff bay

First Time Camping...

“If you never go, you will never know”


three cliff bay campsite

What to say about my debut at Camping? I loved it too much! I'm going to say that the camp was very helpful in that first super-positive impression I had. We camped at Three Cliff Holiday Park and the camp's infrastructure surprised me. At the entrance of the campsite we find a house that is a mix of shop and reception. Everything you need for the camping you find there. from utensils til food. They went through a repaginated this year and when I went to take a bath, there were over 16 bathrooms with touch shower, and I have to confess, the bathroom's camping is better than my own bathroom.  Hahahaha 

These large tents have bed, table with chairs, has a super barbecue and picnic table. Whoever rents this tent doesn't have to worry about taking a lot of stuff.  This side that we stayed on is where they had the cars and these tents, the other side, facing the sea, were one part cars and the other motor home. 

three cliff bay campsite


If in Brazil go camping is synonymous of not having money to pay hotel, in UK camping is synonymous with leisure. I never contemplated camping in Brazil because I always knew that the infrastructure is precarious, and I like to have my peace and quiet, and that's exactly what I found in this camping. I've never seen so many children and so many dogs in a single field, but when it came to 10pm, I didn't hear anything. Exactly nothing! How can that? It was a lot of peace in a place with just a paradise on the side. It made Me want to go back there more often. I loved the hospitality of the owners, according to him, I was Mrs. Brazil and Rafael Mr. Brazil. Kkkkk even with so many people camped there, the reception team remembered us. 🙂



Three Cliff Bay


Pobbles Bay



Oxywich Bay



Of the four days in Swansea, the first day we went to see the beach and we set up camp, on the second day we went to town and have lunch and then we went to the Oxiwich Bay, on the third day we made a trail and arrived at Pobbles Bay, on the fourth day from the camp we drove north. Soon I'll talk about the second leg of the trip! Xx

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