Hello, I’m Gabi Schiller

Founder of Firefly Studio
Co-founder of RA CreativeB
orn and raised in Florianópolis, BrazilL
ived in São Paulo and Rio de JaneiroC
urrently living in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a poning for technology, and on my 12th birthday, I asked my mom for my first cell phone. When I was 14, I moved alone to São Paulo to work as a model, however, i was disappointed with the work environment and realized that modeling life was not for me, despite the insistence of many people to pursue a modeling career.

In 2009, I moved to Rio de Janeiro, where I started studying Business School, but then I chose the Law School. During law school, my friends began to take an interest in the style of accessories I wore (I invested heavily in accessories at that time), so I invested some money and started selling during the break of classes. It didn’t take long for me to realize that no one took a lot of money to go to class, so I created my first online store, selling not only to friends, but to the whole country. I launched my first blog in August 2012 and then my youtube channel.

However, I was invited to be an e-commerce manager at Blue Man, a beachwear company, where I structured the company’s online sales channel. Then my life went crazy and I put my personal projects aside. During the time I worked as an ecommerce manager, I went deeper into the world of digital marketing and content creation. After 4 months as manager, I obtained impressive sales numbers through digital marketing techniques combined with my knowledge in e-commerce. After 6 months working for Blue Man, I was invited to do a year of consulting for a brand in the suburb of Rio de Janeiro to structure and manage the online store of singer Anitta, at the time she was beginning her career. Since then, I have set up consulting, creative studio, photography studio and today I am Creative Director in my design studio, where Rafael helps me with video.

In May 2017, I moved to Manchester, where my husband had lived for 9 months. After fulfilling my dream of living outside Brazil, I saw the opportunity to come back with my blog and YouTube channel to share my experiences all over the world…

I have partnered with brands such as Waterpik, St. Tropez, Ideal of Sweden, Groupon UK, Jord USA, Horlicks, Diablo Wines, LittleWoods, Michael Todd Beauty, KY Jelly and WOW Drinks. If you are interested in collaborating or want a media kit, please contact hey@gabischiller.com