What is Trooping the Colour?

Trooping the Colour is a ceremony held by the British military regiments and the armies of the Kingdoms of nations to commemorate the official anniversary of the British monarch.

What is Trooping The Colour?

Trooping the Colour is a ceremony held by the British military regiments and the armies of the Kingdoms of nations. 

Although the Queen's Royal Birthday is on April 21st, historically, because of King Edward VII, the British monarch celebrates a second birthday ' official ' on the second Saturday of June of each year, with this year being Saturday 9 June. That's because celebrating the birthday in the winter, is not at all pleasant around here. The colorful ceremony, also known as the Queen's Birthday pageant, is broadcast live by the BBC.

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More than 1400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians gather every June in a great demonstration of military precision, riding and fanfare to mark the Queen's official birthday.


Source: wikipédia
Source: wikipédia
Pictured: The Red Arrows fly over Buckingham Palace


The Army performed its finest display of military pageantry to celebrate the Official Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen today on Horse Guards Parade in London.  One thousand one hundred soldiers from the Household Division were joined by almost 250 immaculately groomed military horses, six blindingly polished First World War 13-Pounder Guns and 350 military musicians at the ancient annual ceremony known as Trooping the Colour.  The Royal family watched from the balcony of Wellington’s office, and more than 8,500 guests including the Prime Minister, foreign dignitaries, and Defence Chiefs of Staff, filled the stands on Horse Guards, while tens of thousands of the public lined the route, as The Royal Colonels: The Duke of Edinburgh, The Duke of Kent, The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge, and The Princess Royal, accompanied Her Majesty in stately procession down the Mall to inspect the Parade.The Queen’s Birthday Parade, more popularly known as Trooping the Colour, is a great British tradition and one of the most complex and labour intensive events the military stages.  Countless hours of planning and preparation go into making sure that the final result is as close to perfection as humanly possible in honour of Her Majesty, their Colonel in Chief.  
The Soldiers were on parade in the traditional ceremonial uniforms of the Household Cavalry, Royal Horse Artillery, and Foot Guards. The Welsh Guards were easily identifiable by their green and white plumed bearskins and their buttons in rows of five to indicate their place as the fifth regiment of Foot Guards. 
All those on parade then processed back down the Mall delivering Her Majesty safely back to Buckingham Palace.
As the Royal Family appeared on the balcony at Buckingham Palace to the delight of the thousands crowded round the Queen Victoria Memorial, the Red Arrows performed a flypast.
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In the past, the Queen used to participate on horseback. But with the growing age, she prefers to ride a carriage now. On the day, royalty travels in procession through the horse-drawn carriage of Buckingham Palace, along the Mall to the Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall and vice versa. After the military bands presented themselves, the regimental color, or flag, escorted is processed by the ranks of soldiers. More than one hundred words of command are used by the officer in charge of the parade to direct the several hundred soldiers.

Once the foot Guards pass through the Queen, she returns to Buckingham Palace in front of the soldiers, before making the salute to greet crowds and watch the RAF's spectacular flight.

This year's Trooping the Colour ceremony is a little special, since it is the first time of the Duchess of Sussex and her first appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The Queen's extended family also appears on the veranda along with her closest relatives. It is truly a great celebration event for the monarch along with the country and the family. 👸🇬🇧

In the photo, Princess Elizabeth represented the king at the Trooping of the Colour ceremony in London on June 7, 1951.

Sources: Wikipedia and Site of the royal palace

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