London at Christmas

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I decided to go to London a week before Christmas, to see the city well lit and also to revisit this place that became very special to me. I left Manchester on the night of the 18th and spent two amazing days there, I shared everything on vlogs (below)!

The first morning we were walking from our hotel to Notting Hill, we arrived on Portobello Road, the famous street of “fairs”.  Lots of tasty food, creative souvenirs and fur coats and cool shops I’ve only seen there.

In the streets around we could see the streets, so calm that we did not seem to be in the middle of massive, the architecture is also a grace! After Notting Hill we arrived at Hyde Park, also on foot, to get to know the park and to kill a little time before meeting a friend in central London.

What caught my eye in this park were the animals, so familiar with the human being. The squirrel came very close in hopes of having some food there waiting for him.


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I couldn’t help but watch the sunset from the terrace at the mall One New Change. which has a wide view of the City of London, in the background gives to see the London Eye and important buildings of the city and next to the Dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

At Sumerset House, where I had a skating rink, I tried to buy a skating ticket, but it was super crowded, so I quit. Always buy in advance. Nowadays it is very easy to program and buy first. I didn’t buy it before because I hadn’t really thought of the idea. It was worth a shot.

Near there was Covent Garden, which I had seen on the internet. Another place full of attraction, tasty food, souvenirs and mini stores of handmade products.

The Coppa Club, is a restaurant located on the banks of the River Thames and has a beautiful view of Tower Bridge, I spent about 2 hours having lunch there, a delight. I couldn’t go to the igloos… But maybe next time!

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