My Home Office

My Home Office

meu home office

Working from the end of 2016 at home, I always felt the need to have a corner of the house somewhat creative and inspiring. In my last home in Brazil, it was an apt with 4 bedrooms and 2 balcony, then 1 of the rooms turned my home office with a balcony and there I spent most of the time. When I moved to the UK, I tried to create this space so I could focus on developing projects. In the first 6 months it was a little difficult because although I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment (still here), we were seated one of the rooms for an English friend, so that he lived near the work. How much regret. Besides we missed the first 6 months of couple, we lost the friend too, but this is history for another post.


In those first six months I made a Home office in the room, but I did not feel welcomed there, despite having a beautiful view of the vegetation, at any moment someone could enter the room. After that, we decided to continue our plans to live in a more modern apartment than this, but at the time we searched did not have so much option of rent, and we always chose to rent direct with the landlord (owner), because it generates an economy of up to £ 700 for both of us in case of a change, outside the trunks deposit. So we gave up renting something more modern and I set up the Home Office again in the guest room to be with a cozy little guy. But it only happened six months after the English friend left. Before the guest room was more for a mini studio/closet.


I honestly do not know how I managed to assemble this part, because I did not spend anything to tidy this room, if you say it is lie I will confess that I bought the board that is on the wall, laughter. To the extent that I have not yet decided on which country I will settle, whether here in Europe or in Brazil, I am avoiding the maximum spend with decoration or furniture, in order to save time and money in our next change, no, I am not in the mood to have again the experience I had When leaving Brazil (more subject to another post). So I took advantage of all the elements available here at home. Ah, apartment for rent here is usually furnished.

This is the corner of my house where I like to lie down and read a book, stay on the computer working or planning new posts for the Blog.


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