Aubergine chips with salmon and pea purée

receita Lascas de Beringela com Salmão e pure de Ervilha_gabi schiller

18 years ago my husband decided to be Pescatarian, which is a diet that includes fish and seafood.  He runs every day and has a healthy life, I mean, he thought he had. In June of this year Rafael completely changed his lifestyle. He was weighing 92KG and was unsatisfied with the foods that swallowed his body, a result of what he was consuming... They used to say that your body is like your temple and what you see on the outside is just a mirror of what you put inside. True.

He began to study more about the keto lifestyle and after feeling it was worth the attempt, began the keto diet. In the first month it was not easy because he cut 100% sugar, lactose, farinaceous, carbohydrates, alcohol and any kind of junk food we ingested. And for one month, he consumed only foods of high nutritional density. All this to give a "reset" on the body. 

The rest of the story goes to another post/video. What I want to share with you is the recipes he's been creating with foods that aren't toxic to our body. And that's why I decided to share with you one of the creations of my private chef/husband hahahaha. 

This recipe is perfect to get out of the routine without ruining your body. In addition to having a super simple preparation. 

Write down the ingredients and surprise the loved one with this divine and super nutritious dish.

receita Lascas de Beringela com Salmão e pure de Ervilha_gabi schiller_1

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aubergine chips with salmon and pea puree

You will need:

- Fresh peas
- Aubergine
- Smoked salmon
- Cream
- Mushrooms
- Extra virgin olive oil (truffled olive oil if you prefer)
- Seasonings (salt, black pepper, paprika)
How to prepare:

Start by cutting the aubergine into thin slices. Place on a baking sheet with olive oil, salt and black pepper and leave in the oven until enough dehydrate. This process takes approximately 20 minutes with the oven at 180º degrees.

Sauté the mushrooms in a frying pan with butter, salt and pepper. Put aside.

While the aubergine is in the oven, place the fresh peas in a processor or blender with the cream and seasonings of your choice. Beat until it forms a cream with the texture of a purée.

Pass the pea purée to a pan over low heat, always stirring to ascertain the flavours and reduce the volume a little.

When the aubergine are on point, remove from the oven. Roll the smoked salmon together with the aubergine. Now just assemble your plate any way you want. It is worth being very creative at this moment and think about how to make the dish more beautiful!

Make a bed with the purée and place the rolled aubergine with the smoked salmon on the top and the mushrooms.

Oh, the crispiest splinters of aubergine you can cut into strips to give a more beautiful look on the plate.

I can say it was just perfect!!

What did you think of the recipe? Pretty easy to prepare, huh? And the result pays off too much.

Now I want to know who will test this recipe with your loved one! I'd love to see your creations. Send me pictures of how the dish was and how was your experience!

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Note: This post is not intended to teach you about the keto diet or how you should feed. Always look for an expert who really understands this type of science-based diet. 

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