Grilled Fish with Coleslaw Salad

Grilled Fish with Coleslaw Salad is a very nutritious and very easy recipe to prepare on a daily life, especially when you are out of time. Yes, you can eat healthy, even in the rush. Last month we started sharing a little more about Rafael’s new lifestyle and shared the first recipe (Aubergine chips with Salmon and Pea Purée) from the keto diet he started in May.

The idea is always to bring you the ideas and inspirations he has in the kitchen, since, according to him, I am the queen of snacks / starters (because I love it, I prefer to go to a restaurant and eat several starters than a main course) and he is the King of the rest! Well, I let him think so… hahahaha.

Today’s recipe is light and super healthy, full of protein and with high nutritional density, as it has to be.

A curiosity, did you know that Coleslaw is a Dutch dish? Koolsla means “Cabbage Salad” in Dutch.

Cabbage brings numerous health benefits, besides being an excellent source of nutrients. It is rich in vitamin C and K, has benefits for digestion, helps protect against cancer and more. If you want to see all about cruciferous vegetables, I’ve searched for information on the Medical News Today website, just click here to see more.

The fish doesn’t need any introduction, doesn’t it? Everything that comes from animal origin, is good for health. Everything that comes from the industry is bad. Simple as that. 

Now, shall we go to the recipe of Grilled Fish with Coleslaw Salad? 

Grilled Fish with Coleslaw Salad

Recipe by Rafael de AmorimCourse: FishDifficulty: Easy


Cooking time




  • A fillet of hake or a white fish of your choice

  • Grated cabbage

  • Grated beets

  • Thinly sliced ​​tomato

  • Yogurt full fat Greek

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • Lemon

  • Salt

  • Black pepper

  • Mustard grains

  • Chives

  • Dill


  • Start by preparing a salad. Chop everything well minced or grated. There is no secret here. Mix everything in a bowl, put some of the Greek yogurt.
  • Add salt, pepper, lemon, olive oil and ground mustard. Mix it up and put it aside.
  • Make the grilled fish in the pan with olive oil and, when it is almost ready, add butter. With the aid of a spoon, water the fish to caramelize on top.
  • With everything ready, it’s time to assemble the dish.
  • Put one on the side, as you can see in the photo. Cut a finely chopped chives to decorate and sprigs of dill on top to make a grace and voilá!


  • For those who do not like much mustard, you may not add or substitute another seasoning that you prefer, such as smoked paprika, which is also delicious.

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