Virtual Event Guide To Enjoy At Home

The year 2020 will be marked in our Lives! This global pandemic that has set in the world is messing with everyone's mental health. But we must feel confident and just think about positivity! That's the only way we're going to be stronger when this is all over! I've been in isolation for over two weeks and I haven't left home for anything. Not only because of the call for us to stay at home, but also because I'm not in the mood. The last few times I left, to go to the supermarket or in the park to walk, I felt guilty for walking there and I don't even know if I'm carrying the virus.

86% of COVID-19 infections in China have not been diagnosed, experts say asymptomatic people can spread viruses efficiently. "They have no reason to think they are sick; therefore, they rarely change their behavior to prevent transmission" And that's where the problem lies!!!! Do I have the virus? I don't know, I don't know What about you? Better to think twice when leaving home, is it really necessary?

While we're going through all this, I decided to make a list of entertainments to access from home. I will not tell you to read a book or tidy up the house, these things need not be said, the internet does not stop giving such advice...

How about watching an opera, going to the theater, the cinema and to the zoo? Let's go!


Here is that moment that you need to transform your living room or your bedroom into a cinema, dark and cozy. But first do not forget to download the stremio app. In the video I show which add-ons I downloaded within the app to get free access. Choose the same as mine (safer). You'll know which movies are in cinema from the bottom bar on the cover of the movie (as in the video).



While at this very moment the shows and festivals are all being cancelled or postponed, the artists continue to share their talents around the world.
Keith Urban has been performing shows on instagram and you can still see Nicole Kidman dancing and enjoying the sound. Who likes POP, Ellie Goulding is also doing shows through the platform as well as P!nk
The Winter's Tale • The Royal Opera House


The Royal Opera House is offering those at home a chance to watch performances every week until early May, with Friday Night Premieres every Friday at 7pm, don't be late!!!
Upcoming performances will be Acis and Galatea (April 3), followed by Così fan tutte (April 10), The Metamorphosis (April 17) Gloriana (April 24) and finally The Winter's Tale (May 1). In addition you can see more performances with the #FromOurHouseToYourHouse
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This one I'm sure will be a hit for those who have children at home. Edinburgh Zoo is currently closed, but we can see our little friends via webcams! 

Guia de Eventos Virtuais Para Desfrutar Em Casa
Museu do Louvre • Pixabay


While it is important to follow government advice at this time, staying at home does not mean depriving yourself of inspiration. Several leading institutions are now offering virtual tours, and thanks to technology we can access from our home directly from our mobile. There are two apps, which I know, to go out visiting museums out there, Google Art & Culture ( IOS | Android) and Smartify (IOS | Android). 


Below some museums, just click on which one you want to visit!

Tate Britain 
Museu Britânico
Museu do Louvre
Museus do Vaticano


I hope you enjoy the tips!  If you know any more tips we can add here, please leave in the comments below!
Otherwise I hope you're all well and we're going to be united and strong during this difficult time!
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