Suddenly thirty or not so suddenly

Another year, another birthday. Only this time it was turn the of the century and I decided to talk a little bit about what I felt about it.

Suddenly Thirty


"Everything you go through, grows you"

de repente 30
de repente 30

May 25th I have completed 30 years. Three decades of life! 🎉🎉🎉 very different from the movie 13 going on 30, where Jenna dreams of being an adult because she thinks things will be easier, I always had a totally contrary idea. I didn't want to grow up and much less become an adult. I was always very thorough and very observant, and always saw the adults fighting, arguing, talking about problems, and I looked at it and thought to myself, I do not want to be adult, it is so cool here, especially in the years 90. But life is relentless. And here I am, 30 years old. 

Arriving at 20 I thought that one day I would turn 30 and what was in my head was pure anguish and dread, of getting old. It's funny how in 10 years things change. At that time who had their 40 years and few ever considered themselves old. Society's changed. We don't talk about that stuff anymore. Those who live in today's times seek a more peaceful, healthier and pleasant life. I am happy that this feeling has passed, this window of 10 years brought me a lot of knowledge, learning, sometimes after making mistakes, and much. I feel infinitely more mature and stop to reflect, I feel much better today. Of course I no longer have the "child" pike, but now I know how to enjoy life more and know what I waste time or not. That, by the way, is another thing I've realized a lot over the years. I arrived at a time when I said enough. No more wasting time with futile things, no more wasting time with fights idiots, speaking ill of others, and especially, no more paying attention to those who only suck you.  

de repente 30
de repente 30
IMG_7789 3

Another thing I learned in a way, say, natural, was detachment. My move from Brazil to the UK was a test of fire. It was only 3 months ago that I had rented an empty apartment, bought several furniture, appliances and even a rabbit (always wanted to have one), apart from my two dogs, and suddenly I decided to leave. Living abroad has always been in my plans, it has always been a dream to speak fluent English and deep down I knew it was my last chance. So I went. Not only did I detach from the material things, but as I detached from the rabbit, my two puppies, my friends, my family, a college in 9th period. Yes, I had to leave a lot of stuff behind, I just didn't quit the company, because I could do jobs from wherever I am, that I could carry on. Besides, I had a month to deliver the apartment and get all my stuff out of there, so I donated a lot, but a lot, and I always listened, are you really going to donate that? I was batting: from this life I will only carry memories. It was at that time that I realized I should be less consumerist and how to practice this habit is good.


I have come to the conclusion that we are phases and what we sow today, we harvest tomorrow. Looking back I feel happy in what I've become today. Not everyone knows the person Gabi side. But, after all, this blog is just for that, right? I hope 10 years from now you're exchanging a lot of knowledge with you.

I just have to thank the support of everyone who supports me in my life. And today I am so happy, I wish nothing more than what I have. Thank you very much!


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