Photo editing of the month

Best photo editing of the month

Oddly enough this photo editor app has always been on my mobile but for unknown reasons I've never used it with as much greed as I've been using nowadays when I need to do photo editing quickly. This is because I used more as an application to resize photos, ignoring the coolest part of the app. 😉

Just can't fall in love with the filters, I will say after which are my darlings, and today the app is so cool that I can tinker in my videos, apply filters, change the exposure, brightness, contrast, put more sharpness or less...  You can do a lot of things. SERIOUSLY!!

I'm sure I don't use this app as much as Lightroom. But I have a craze to test as many apps as I can in this lifetime, so in my photo editing apps folder, has cool apps. This month I decided to talk about Instasize, the one that is best known for using to put a large photo on Instagram or resize the photos to make a different feed, but the company is investing heavily to disclose that the application is much more than that. Even they are bringing new features, which makes the app much more attractive. 


What can you do with this app?

♥ Posts with Edge
♥ Collages
♥ Quotes and posts with texts
♥ Filters for photos
♥ Filters for Videos
♥ Direct Upload of photo/video to social networks
♥ Beauty tools


Powerful edition in
the palm of the hand

In the next photo I did the final treatment and chose the PIKE filter and changed some settings.



Photo filters for all tastes!

If you don't elect your favorite filters you can run the risk of losing a lot of time looking at the filters, because there really are many!


I think it should be 1 or months that have made this new feature available. It's not filled with options, but the few that exist are very creative.

photo editor app

The coolest part!

Retouching the Skin


That Glow 


 You want a tan? 


font: instasize

For those who love to create!

Positive point for the application. It has many backgrounds to choose from and collage formats. 


Aplicativo de edicao de fotos

Filters I love ♥


Like it?

If you don't already have this application just click in the button to download. And any questions let me know in the comments below.  

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