My 7 Favorite Apps for Female Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

I love testing every possible application. That's how I end up discovering amazing apps with perfect features!

So today I’m going to share with you my 7 favorite apps for female entrepreneurs and bloggers. Each one has a different function and together they can contribute too much to the women who are working or creating content out there.

You know I love testing every possible app. That’s how I end up discovering amazing apps with perfect features. After testing many apps along the way, I set up a little list with the ones I liked the most. 

1. Asana

The first thing I do to start my day is open my e-mails and the second is check my Asana. It is a project management tool that can be used to organize your personal life or teamwork.

You can organize projects, either by a list, timeline, in boards, or as a calendar, and you can have conversations and manage processes within the application. In my opinion is the most complete and my whole life of work, personal and travel is all organised in this app that I already use for about 6 years.

2. Harvest

If you are a freelancer like me, and need to manage your time very well this time control app is essential. Harvest integrates with your other workflow applications, including your CRM apps, project management apps, in my case asana, proposal apps, and more, so you can control multiple things at the same time. That’s what every entrepreneur likes!

Prices range from free to $12 per person per month for two more people and unlimited projects.

3. Blinkist

Often the rush of day to day is so much that there is no time to read that book or listen to the podcast we like. Blinkist is the ideal application for those who go through this same problem. 

You will find the best parts of thousands of bestsellers. So you can capture the most important message of books and without wasting too much time. The app has the same feature for podcasts. They select the best parts and you only hear the essentials. Just perfect for hectic routines!

4. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a financial management system for small businesses and freelancers. He has always helped me with financial organization and time savings since Brazil.

Automating your accounting tasks can help you know where your business is (always). With QuickBooks, you can send invoices, accept credit card payments, and pay your bills online.

The price is affordable, ranging from £6 per month for freelancers to £15 per month for their “Pro” package.

Use my referral link to earn 55% off the monthly subscription price of QuickBooks online accounting software during the first 3 months of service.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest doesn’t need introductions, but it deserves your place on my favorites list. It’s an endless source of references, photos, content and everything you imagine – and not imagine either. The danger of it is to spend too much time browsing hahaha

I’m simply passionate about Pinterest and use it as a search source for everything I do. From looks to recipes and content tips here for my blog.

6. Unum

UNUM is the app that every entrepreneur should have on their phone. It is indicated to plan feed on Instagram, edit photos, create stories, resize photos and videos. You can use the app to manage both your personal profile and your brand or business profile. 

I discovered this app in my searches on how to view my instagram before I even posted it and it’s over 5 years old. At the time it was totally free and you didn’t have all the features that today offer, in the elite plane. To this day I still use since I work with various social media and when I have the texts sent by the client in advance I can plan the designs to follow a correlation flow between them.

My 7 Favorite Apps for Women Entrepreneurs and Bloggers5

7. Instasize

I have already indicated this application to you here on the blog. It has evolved and is now much more than an application for resizing images. You can now make collages, add borders, include text, filters for photos and videos, and it allows you to upload directly to your profile. Read more about this app here.

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What did you think of the apps? Do you guys already use any of my favorites? And what’s your favorite?


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