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There are 84.9 million of new blogs posted every day only on WordPress.


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I was here reading some news when I came across this. 85 million new blogs posted every day… When I started my first blog years ago, that number was negligible. Like the social networking boom, now the blogging boom. Look who’s talking. Kkkkk

I decided to write this post because somehow I can contribute a lot to these new people who are venturing into blogging. Having visibility on the internet nowadays is not just having a blog, it is having a lot of commitment, legal issues to share, know how to write, and know that your blog will not pass in the feed of anyone unless you play good marketing strategies, for example , for that to happen. I’m talking about the basics, there’s a lot of stuff still behind a successful blog, plus content and leads.

Another thing that draws me a lot of attention and I keep thinking too much about it, is in the future, as there will be so many people vying for such a broad space but that is sometimes concentrated in one place. Today, for example, Instagram is my great example that we are hostages of social tools. Not only that, I also approach the people who arrived there and managed to start earning money with only this tool, today they should not be so happy, since after the end of last year, when in a few Instagram began to change the algorithms, the majority Of the accounts does not have even 5% of the audience of the profile, ie a person with 2.5 million of followers, sometimes has 20k or 30k tanned in a photo, and this is nothing compared to the past. The ideal of return is 20% of that audience, we talked about it years ago, today we speak in only 10%. That is, an account of 110 million, I will take as an example of the Kim Kardashian, should have at least 11 million tanned. But she’s 2 million, 3 million… If it’s difficult for her, imagine for us..


But coming back here to the reasoning, what I foresee is that this will extend to blogs too, nowadays it is very practical to create a blog, mainly in WordPress. (All right, for some may be more difficult) but I imagine that in the future a lot will be paid and that the game will turn, the competition becomes much bigger, with more people talking about the same issues and it will be harder to make money with it, as is Going on in our dear Instagram.

Since the resumption of this blog, I always say that I want to help and pass my knowledge forward. I think it’s about time… Soon more subjects on digital marketing and e-commerce, my area!

Leave your comments below on topics you want to know and digital marketing topics you would like to explore! This will help you to segment the content you really want to read!

A very cold kiss from the UK.

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