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[su_spacer size=”20″] [mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]W[/mks_dropcap]ake up, shower, drink coffee, do the hair, choose the look of the day, accessories, jewelry or bijouxs, tidy the bag (or change handbag, RS) Choose the shoe and, wait!!! We’re not forgetting anything, are we? T[mks_highlight color=”#c08884″]he makeup!!![/mks_highlight] ♥

I do not know I make up for less than 30 minutes, with so many things to apply on the face, out all creams[esqueci de mencionar acima], for me it is humanly impossible to get ready (all) with less than 1 hour. If you’re like me, be quiet. We have souls living in developing modern technology related to makeup.

For those who do not know, has a technology fair that happens annually in Japan (CEATEC) and there are displayed the latest trends.

That year,


It presented a mirror in which it is possible to digitally make up the reflected image, testing different colours and techniques until it reaches the ideal making. Then just print the created artwork and apply the thin sheet of paper over the face with a little water.

  1. The “Mirror of the Future” should be available at cosmetic counters and beauty parlors already in 2018. Will be???
  2. In addition to allowing the results to be predicted, the technique ensures that there is no waste of products. Best news!
  3. The equipment still archives the results so that the user can monitor the evolution of their skin.

Already offers similar tool in your shop from Japan since August/17. But it works a little different from that of Panasonic, the mirror of the Shiseido scans the face of the customer, inside the store, does the analysis of the skin and then indicates the best products for the user. After this, the data in this query is stored and can be accessed via QR CODE. As a strategy to integrate online and offline experiences, Shiseido intends to update its sales counters from all over the world with this wonderful mirror. Too bad it’s going to take us a while to get home:( 

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Panasonic also presented the Make up Tool, which allows you to create virtual professional makeups to be applied on static or moving images, replacing the real coverage in photos and videos. But I wanted to advance that we already have apps that do this, I already used and liked and I can do review for you here. Leave it in the comments! 

The Shiseido, which revealed that it has been charged by customers for technological solutions and products that last longer, to be able to support the long working time, resolved in partnership with Microsoft Japan, launch the application “Telebeauty”, creates digital makeup to be Used in virtual meetings. The program detects the characteristics of the user’s face.

The filter chosen is applied on the image captured by the webcam, giving the impression that the user is actually makeup. And the “mask” stays in place even with the image live and on the move. TA!!!!! The same thing I commented above!

[su_spacer size=”20″] I think no beauty company wants to stay out and soon we will see these brands all with some technology to make our days easier!

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Gabi ♥

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