My New Camera Sony a6500 Review

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In times of Youtube, who has a video specialist at home, has everything! Right? hahaha Rafael has been a videographer for over 15 years and has a lot to share with us. I already learn too much just living with him and now I would like to share everything here. So I asked him to write a little bit about the last camera we bought, in June of 2019. Go on, Raf.

From Rafael

In the middle of last year we came to the conclusion that we needed an upgrade on our camera to shoot. Our Canon 7D was a good fit for a start to work here in the UK as a videographer and for Gabi in the content videos she would like to produce for her networks.

As a videographer, I felt the need to migrate from a “mirror” camera, which is the case with the Canon 7D to a “mirrorless” camera. And, as I started doing a lot of events here in the UK, one of the problems I was facing is the lack of light. After much research on the camera that best served us, we opted for the Sony a6500.

Why did we decide to buy this camera?

I'm not going to keep talking about the technological part of the camera, especially because Gabi is the one who understands this better than me. But let's go to the reasons, which were 5:

• The need to have a camera that captures more light and grains less at ISO;
• Films in LOG format;
• The cost-benefit of this camera is very good;
• Films 4K;
• With the right adapter, I can use my Canon lenses and our Pentax vintages (35-80mm 4-5.6 super macro and an 80-200mm 47-5.6 telephoto lens)

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The issue of shooting 4K was something that we had on our Canon, but remember, to shoot 4K you need a great computer to edit. We both edit on our MacBook Pro’s. The Sony a6500 shoots at 60fps and 120fps in 1080p and in 4K she shoots 30 and 24fps, but like most of the videos I produce are for social media, internet, etc., I don't see the need to shoot in 4K yet.

The Sony a6500 has good range is ISO, and so it suits me in the matter of lack of light. Another very important detail of this camera is the color S-LOG format for shooting, that is, the S-LOG leaves the whole image very “cinematic” and in this way, it is much better for the color treatment in post production. The size of it also caught my attention, it literally fits in the palm of my hand, very light, and does not weigh on the gimbal I use.

Here comes a question that Gabi would not give up on our next camera, Wi-Fi. This function is a hand in the wheel because while we are traveling or producing external content, we do not have to wait to transfer the images to the computer to start using it. . In addition, we can sync other gadgets on our camera via Wi-Fi.


I was trying to think about the cons of this camera, but in my opinion it’s not having slow motion in 4K, otherwise I think it’s a great camera for those who are starting out or for those already on the market and don’t want, or don’t have, a lot to invest in gears right now.

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Below we list some equipment that we use today. 

review sony alpha 6500

SONY a6500

sony 50mm

Sony 50mm 1.8

Zhiyun Crane Plus gimbal

Zhiyun Crane Plus Gimbal


metabones canon to sony

Adapter Canon > Sony



MacBook Pro 


EF-S 18-55mm

Canon EF-S 18-55mm


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