32 ideas to inspire you in autumn

35 ideias para apostar no Outono

This coming autumn/winter here in the UK we will have many many floral dress with black background (to bring a joy to the ugly and cold weather), then it should be a piece that will not be abandoned after the summer. Plush coats will come with everything this winter, which I've seen a lot around here in the last autumn/winter in 2017. The white, always forgotten most of the time in the autumn/winter, seems to be going to give the faces here, with total white looks. The colors we will see in the macaws in this season are more for dark brown color between brown and gray, called Taupe, the camel (color that reminds the camel's hair) also comes with everything, besides coffee, bronze and brown. Already in print, as I said before, floral, patterns, tweed and check (tartan, houndstooth and Prince of Wales) are also still here. Another bet is leopard print, and I'm already crazy to invest in a very furry leopard print coat around here. In fact, I want to invest for the winters here only very hot coat, because I die of cold here, seriously. When I leave the house full of clothes I get cold, when I go inside somewhere I die of warmth. Ahhh, guys, I got out of the heat at 40 degrees, so that's a little hard to manage, but I'm learning and adjusting to time.


look de outono
leopard print

Don't go on
Before reading this:


In my vision and opinion, fashion is evolving in a step that we do not have to look at only the colors or prints, but in the details as a whole. I have seen the fashion with another look after coming to live in England, here the people feel free to dress as they want, without having someone looking crooked because it is dressed in a different way. I think the different is the word of order, so, dare, make crazy combinations with different pieces, with different prints, I'm sure you will arrive at an attractive result and they'll feel pleasure to wear it. Ah long time I've been trying to innovate in my way of dressing, wearing two dresses (one as blouse and the other as a skirt), I try to make some combinations out of the box. And I believe that this is outcrops even more here in UK. I stopped buying clothes compulsively as before and now I try to renew my wardrobe in some way with new creations.

So I ask you, look the details, I did this fashion research here just to show you this. Just to illustrate, in the pictures below, on the left side a combination of tweed with pleat and a shoe with sock, on the right side, you can notice that the Olivia Palermo wore a pant under the dress that was a little transparent and it made all the difference and left her much more attractive and sophisticated.

Outono 2018
olivia palermo outfits
She loves this style!!!


Source: Pinterest

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