Avocado Tree

Avocado Tree

This post was originally published on 08.02.2019 and updated on 19.10.2019.
Como plantar Arvore de Avocado - gabi schiller

This will be my first post talking about plant/gardening here on the blog !!! Ihuuu

And I'm very happy to share one of my passions with you !!! But for those who do not know me, returning to my childhood, I lived in the countryside at this island in the south of Brazil, with many trees and farms around my house.

Also when we moved to our current home my father planted many fruit trees. Jabuticabeira, papaya, avocado, pintangueira, guava, hose, and even carambola !!! I would always get off my feet and eat. Based on this, I had the opportunity to grow appreciating nature in its purest essence. Thanks Dad!

IMG_6555 2

I launched a poll on instagram (follow me there if you still don't follow), whether or not to post about cultivating an avocado tree, so as a positive poll, here's a mini step-by-step tutorial to have this hydroponic tree.

The technique I was using before was not working. Then I got a few tips on instagram from an Australian who loves plants as much as me @leafy.lane and he gave a hint to peel off and put into a container (with lid) wrapped in wet paper and leave it in a dark place until germinate.

1st test
I did the test and the first seed germinated after almost 2 months.

2nd test
The second test I put three seeds and in addition to the water I added some hydrogen peroxide vol. 17 (5.1% hydrogen peroxide) that I bought in Spain, because in UK I never found. The seeds germinated within 11 days.

Como plantar Arvore de Avocado - gabi schiller
avocado tree

You will need only 5 things to germinate your seed:

1 avocado seed

1 pot with lid

1 paper towel


A few drops of hydrogen peroxide

Don't forget to follow the step I commented above

Peel off the seed gently and then with the above material, place into the vase wrapped in the wet paper towel. Be sure to look all week, including to see if you need to save water. The seed must always be wet.



Change the water every couple of days, never let water run out (the root that is just growing needs to be submerged, always)! After 2-3 weeks the tree part will be large. From there you can switch to a vase with a good height but with a small mouth, see the first photo above to see how I am leaving mine. Finally, the branch begins to grow, but keep in mind that it is a process that depends on the type of seed you are using and the weather. Change the water weekly.

One very important thing: Write down the date the process began.

If you want you can also plant in the soil after the root is born. Now that the new technique has worked, I will definitely separate one to plant in a vase with soil! I'll be back for some news!

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