New Year’s Resolutions


Visit a city or make that trip, pay a promise, participate in a marathon, stop with a bad habit. I just saw here my list of resolutions of the year 2018 that I could not fulfill or half of those I put as goals for this year, as for example, read books, which is a habit that I need very again to have again, but in the year that passed I could not hit R that goal and I’m not feeling as guilty or frustrated as I used to be in the old days.

It’s funny how we are made of phases and how I think, facing situations, have changed over time. Having priorities is super important, no doubt, but I’m stepping less on the accelerator. Moving to a completely different country has brought a new look at certain priorities and what really matters in this life. So for 2019 I have only one wish. Just a wish on my list of resolutions.

Samira Samir

Who knows until the middle of the year I tell about it and whether I succeeded or not. What matters is trying to get what you want, right? I’ve always been impulsive in this matter of having yesterday something that I wished for. This has changed too, my urges are more behaved and now I can make assessments and decision making more clearly. And that makes a big difference.

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I’ve managed to do a lot in 2018 and it makes me immensely happy for all these achievements, as simple as they are. For 2019 I desire much effort, a great deal of strength, with more wisdom and peace in the heart. Life is simple and we’re the ones who complicate it. What do we do that for? I have no idea and I really don’t want to know, my words to 2019 are: Uncomplicate, love, eat, enjoy life in every way and be happy.

Resolutions Samira

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