Why I decided to create a blog

If you are coming here for the first time and still do not know me, pleasure, I am Gabriela. You can find out a little bit more about me here and if you want to know something else or change an idea, click here. Responding to the title above the post, I decided to create this blog was not yesterday, nor last month, nor the year before. This will comes from more than five years ago. When in fact I created my first blog at the time called Makeup lovers By Gabi Schiller. And believe me, I still have the link of the blog until today with me… Are with the posts I wrote (almost nothing) and every now and then I entered to kill the nostalgia. My closest friends will remember that. I did not get much audience, since I could not hold the bar for long, but had interaction, comments in the posts and every time I reviewed it gave me more courage to never let go of this dream. So here I am! ♥

Short story…

July 2012, the law student focused on becoming a judge in the not too distant future resolves that it’s time to stop. This profession will not make you happy in the future… So that’s enough for your boss, Dr. José, the law judge, and asks you to leave. Then it all starts from scratch one more time. and the questions begin to arise: what will be my profession? I like technology, but my head is in front of everyone… I’m 23 years old and I’m more lost than blind in gunfire. I don’t want to have bosses, what can I do to solve this? Gabi is the type of person who does not stop quiet, especially if you have a smartphone or computer nearby. In August 2012, alone at home and with plenty of time, created her first blog, her first YouTube channel to talk about makeup and fashion and her first virtual store of Bijouxs. It focused total in the store since it started selling well and the store itself was already paid monthly and the initial investment had practically been zeroed.

December 2012, will work as a shop seller (at Eclectic, shop of Rio de Janeiro) because needed to understand the operation behind a store. Learning that makes all the difference to this day! In the middle of the road gives some pitacos with the people of Blue Man on virtual store, the company then follows his advice, assembles a virtual store within a marketplace on Facebook (we are at 2012, do not forget…) and then the big company of Fashion beach of Brazil calls the young lady to Coorde and structure this new channel within the company, at 24 years old.  Starting a job from scratch requires a lot of commitment, persistence, claw and hard work, and so Gabi did, just over 4 months, with the area organized and touched by it, quadrupled the sales of the channel, came to beat one of the physical stores in sales that month and did not last long for the B Log, the store and the channel stand aside. The professional life had spread to all the fields of his life, including the staff.

Look at the photos I found at the time I worked at BM:

Me in the lower left corner. It was just for work, but then the person goes mega tidy and the columnists took photo. 🙂
After the Blue Man parade for Fashion Rio in 2013.
I’m nice but I’m also picky….

In action. We set up everything inside the room of David Azulay (founder of the brand) and we played 7 days of photos.
This picture represents a lot to me. In it are I, the person who made the treatment of the photos, the model and today actor, Felipe Roque and David deep down, watching everything!

End of the short story….

That’s it, I was supposed to have this blog since 2012. But I decided to put aside this hobby (at the time) to follow my profession, new by the e-commerce coordinator of the largest bikini store in the country, Blue Man. I was not able to play a blog and a channel on YouTube-I also had to create all the content and edit the videos, I did everything myself and it required a lot of time-house, law School and children (2 beautiful puppies).  Only the work was taking me at least six days a week. I worked Monday through Sunday, sometimes went to sleep talking to my boss around 00:47pm and 06:40am We were talking again. So I’m not trying to make excuses, but I’m human and I understand that I can’t do everything at the same time.

Do you regret it?

No, I don’t regret the fact that I learned a lot more than just the blog. All those years that I was just out following everything and studying digital marketing and e-commerce gave me a great baggage in which I can apply today, here on my blog, on the channel, in life as a businesswoman and in my personal life. I feel much more mature and now I have much more to share than before. I want to produce content of quality, informative, to ask questions, to exchange ideas, to make you reflect… This is the new Gabriela, and this is the new purpose of this blog.

What have I learned from all this?

[mks_highlight color=”#c08884″]Never give up the things that make you happy it took to happen, but I’m here… I’m not going to say it’s being easy, because I’m lying. I had to give up a few things to get back here. Making content with a more refined look, with more zeal and more love, takes time. And, my friends, time these days is a precious commodity. In 2018, I’m channeling all my energies and time into this project. And I hope to come back in a year and write to you… Look, my first year with the air year blog was like this…

A love kiss!

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