Once Again in Liverpool

Liverpool Besides being the city of the Beatles, it is a charming city and full of cool places to visit! In my second time in the city (the first you find here) we went to meet some friends of Rafael, aka husband, and in the time we had free, we took advantage to record a VLOG of my day there and soon I will make available here and on Youtube for you.

The first time, we went straight to the Albert Dock to leave our padlock on the love locks which is facing the Mersey river for those who do not know, the love locks are a symbol of eternal love, a sign of an unbreakable bond and a wonderfully meaningful moment that you can share Har with someone (seriously, it’s a beautiful place to take it easy, date your partner and thank you for the wonderful person you have on your side).  When we got there, our padlock was with the tapes of the Lord of Bonfim well deteriorated, but they were still there and our padlock was well rusted, at least still in the same place. Ufa!

After renewing our vows of eternal love (laughter) we went to the Beatles Museum, which sits inside the Albert Dock and is one of the points you need to visit! Going to Liverpool and not going to the Beatles Museum is an affront! Logically I’m kidding, you go if you want! The entry value for adults is £15.

We stopped for lunch in the restaurant Gusto, which also has in Manchester, and the menu is full of delicious dishes, perfect to accompany with a wine, we did.

After restoring the energies we went to the CAVERN CLUB at Matthew St. The atmosphere in this place is unique and magical. The famous place where the Beatles played 292 times before fame. There you meet people from all over the world, lovers of Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll, beers of various kinds (I do not drink beer:]) Nowadays it is possible to access the Wi-Fi, since it is very deep and does not pick up any signal and is prohibited to smoke inside the club. In relation to the format of the club in the Beatles era, they kept the same shape as the old Cavern Club, all just like it was years ago. It’s a time travel for those who lived at that time.

Before we leave we try to go to St. Johns Beacon, better known to Radio City Tower, to check out the city’s look (you can see everything even as it is located right in the heart of Liverpool Center and gives you wherever you are, you can visualize the tower since it is the 2nd building Top of the city) since the sun came up only around 4:00 and the sky was clean. I heard that you can only see 180 º of the city because in the other part operate offices and the input value is £5.50. It’s definitely going to be a mandatory stop next time I’m there.


VLOG’s Out!!!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw08jagKSC8″]
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