Spring in Rio de Janeiro

For those who live in Rio de Janeiro, it is a difficult task to be well dressed and not dismantled in the hot summer ... I was invited by Essence to photograph the collection that we were working on digital marketing. Essence has brought a proposal that meets our needs well and I am happy to share here with you because the rehearsal was incredible !!!







Beautiful, lightweight pieces of different styles to make up the look even in winter (in 7 winters I only used heavy jackets 1 time around). A tip I give for example, if you go to a club, you can go with a closer look and be more at ease. The same thing happens if you go to the beach, shopping, friends house and pool.


Another tip, if you go to a club, you can go with a closer look and get more comfortable. The same thing happens if you go to the beach, shopping, friends house and pool.






The cool thing about the GOWN (I think this is the correct name) is that you can create very colorful and attractive productions and it will certainly be the protagonist of the scene.



Always try to wear comfortable looks, there is nothing worse than wanting to get well dressed and spend the most perrengue. It will not compensate! Since I moved to Rio de Janeiro I always suffered a lot from the heat. Coming from the south of the country, my first summer in Rio was a real proof of survival. Okay, I'm not exaggerating, I only know what that warm Rio de Janeiro is, that made my pressure drop and made me tired like an old woman. BUT as time went by I got used to it, from then on I learned to dress as comfortable as possible and at the same time well groomed. Even because for a law student, the looks were office type. Then there was no escape from social shirts. But here among us, in the summer I only wore blouses with skirts and dresses.

Shorts are the must have on very hot summer days. If you opt for more social shorts or tailoring pieces you will hit it full.

Here we combine shorts with a swimsuit, a very assertive combination on hot days, especially if you are going to meet your girlfriends at the club or at a beach kiosk in the late afternoon to take that drink. 🙂

T-shirt is a piece that I am learning to use more in my day to day, in my head I think that shirt is more sport, and generally I do not dress in a more sportive way, as you can notice. kkkkk Masss I really liked this combination, maybe it was because of the tidiest shorts. There has to be a counterpoint for everything to be equalized, right?






I dressed Kaftan for the first time and I liked! YES, sir! Wow, what a sense of freedom such a versatile piece can provide.




Waiting for the next summers and springs!